Christopher G. Stahl

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The bamM gene from Bacillus megaterium DSM319 encoding an extracellular beta-amylase was isolated and completely sequenced. Chromosomal inactivation by deletion mutagenesis resulted in total loss of amylolytic activity, indicative of a single starch-degrading enzyme. Functional characterization of the expressed protein revealed a maltogenic enzyme(More)
Lung adenocarcinoma cells treated for 16 h with trichostatin A (TSA), an inhibitor of histone deacetylases, and untreated cells were analyzed with respect to differential gene expression. Complex hybridization of cDNA arrays revealed repression of Bcl-xL, CRAB2 and TFIID/TAFII31 as well as induction of p21waf1/cip1, GATA-2, hsp86, ID1, ID2 and ID3 mRNA(More)
Recently we described a new signal transduction-based tumor therapeutic strategy involving first sensitization of tumor cells by trichostatin A (TSA), an inhibitor of histone deacetylation, and thereafter efficient apoptotic triggering by ribotoxic agents, which activate stress-activated protein kinases. In the present work we investigate the molecular(More)
Scientific user facilities provide physical resources and technical support that enable scientists to conduct experiments or simulations pertinent to their respective research. One metric for evaluating the scientific value or impact of a facility is the number of publications by users as a direct result of using that facility. Unfortunately, for a variety(More)
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium (Salmonella) is one of the most significant food-borne pathogens affecting both humans and agriculture. We have determined that Salmonella encodes an uptake and utilization pathway specific for a novel nutrient, fructose-asparagine (F-Asn), which is essential for Salmonella fitness in the inflamed intestine (modeled(More)
We describe a procedure that sensitizes chemotherapy-and tumor necrosis factor-resistant human tumor cell populations in vitro and in nude mouse transplants to the immediate triggering of high rates of cell death by anisomycin, an agent causing activation of stress-activated protein kinases [SAPKs, as defined by P. Cohen (Trends Cell Biol., 7: 353-361,(More)
We describe a data-driven unsupervised machine learning approach to extract geo-temporal co-occurrence patterns of asthma and the flu from large-scale electronic healthcare reimbursement claims (eHRC) datasets. Specifically, we examine the eHRC data from 2009 to 2010 pandemic H1N1 influenza season and analyze whether different geographic regions within the(More)
Insertions in the Salmonella enterica fra locus, which encodes the fructose-asparagine (F-Asn) utilization pathway, are highly attenuated in mouse models of inflammation (>1000-fold competitive index). Here, we report that F-Asn is bacteriostatic to a fraB mutant (IC50 19 μM), but not to the wild-type or a fra island deletion mutant. We hypothesized that(More)
In spite of social media's lack of structural integrity, accuracy, and reduced noise with respect to other forms of communication, it plays an increasingly vital role in the observation of societal actions before, during, and after significant events. In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy making landfall on the northeastern coasts of the United States(More)
In this paper we show that citation counts and Mendeley readership are poor indicators of research excellence. Our experimental design builds on the assumption that a good evaluation metric should be able to distinguish publications that have changed a research field from those that have not. The experiment has been conducted on a new dataset for(More)