Christopher G. Jones

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We describe a versatile method for the synthesis and fluorescent labeling of ZIF-90 nanoparticles (NPs). Gram-scale quantities of NPs can be produced under mild conditions, circumventing the need for high temperatures and extended reaction periods required by existing procedures. Monitoring the reaction in situ using UV-vis spectroscopy reveals that ZIF-90(More)
According to Laurillard’s Conversational Framework, teaching and learning are a dialogic activity in which the student attempts to re-construct the teacher’s mental model of the material. An essential part of that dialog between teacher and student is the feedback teachers provide to help students adapt their understanding of the concepts presented.(More)
While today's IT students may have a theoretical knowledge of all the phases in the systems development lifecycle, they often have little exposure to software development core practices. Few are able to build a new system from scratch. This paper examines a pedagogical approach to modern software engineering based on "doing" systems development from day(More)
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