Christopher Götz

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1. CD19+ B lymphocytes were purified from the peripheral blood of normal and atopic subjects to analyse and compare the phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity profile, PDE mRNA expression and the importance of PDE activity for the regulation of B cell function. 2. The majority of cyclic AMP hydrolyzing activity of human B cells was cytosolic PDE4, followed by(More)
The characteristics of GABA and benzodiazepine receptors were examined in the hippocampus, striatum and cerebral cortex of female rats at various times (up to 9 months) after the subcutaneous implantation of an estradiol pellet (10 mg). A significant decrease in the Bmax of the high-affinity binding of [3H]muscimol to membranes from these 3 regions was(More)
In vitro investigations revealed that PAT (8-hydroxy-2-(n-dipropylamino)tetralin) interacted with postsynaptic 5-HT receptors in the rat brain: the drug stimulated 5-HT-sensitive adenylate cyclase in homogenates of colliculi from new-born rats (KAapp 8.6 microM) and inhibited the specific binding of [3H]5-HT to 5-HT1 sites. The PAT-induced inhibition of(More)
RAW 264.7 macrophages, when challenged with a combination of lipopolysaccharide (10 microg/ml) and interferon-gamma (100 units/ml), respond with endogenous NO. formation, which ultimately results in apoptotic cell death. Apoptosis is detected morphologically by chromatin condensation. Concomitantly we noticed the accumulation of the tumor suppressor protein(More)
The administration of kainic acid (1--2 micrograms) into the right striatum of adult rats resulted in a marked local increase in tryptophan hydroxylase activity (+ 54--106%). This change was significant as soon as on the second day after the treatment and persisted for at least 12 days. In addition, long-lasting elevations of tryptophan hydroxylase activity(More)
The subcutaneous implantation of an estradiol pellet (10 mg) into female rats induced a hypophyseal hyperplasia with hyperprolactinaemia. Examination of neurotransmitter receptors in the hippocampus, striatum and cerebral cortex one month after the implantation revealed that estrogenization was associated with: an increased density of (3)H-domperidone(More)
Internationale Unternehmen sehen regelmäßig einen Bedarf, personenbezogene Daten zwischen den mit ihnen verbundenen Konzernunternehmen auszutauschen. Der Datenaustausch wird für die Geschäftstätigkeit der Konzernunternehmen häufig nicht zwingend notwendig sein, in der Regel aber sehr nützlichen Zwecken dienen, wie z.B. dem Aufbau einer zentralisierten(More)
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