Christopher Furbee

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A study of the distribution of Topoisomerase II alpha (Topo II) in cells of six tissue culture cell lines, human (HeLa), mouse (L929), rat, Indian muntjac, rat kangaroo (PTK-2), and wallaby revealed the following features: (1) There is a cell cycle association of a specific population of Topo II with the centromere. (2) The centromere is distinguished from(More)
This study attempted to identify and characterize bacteria present on shared-use protective lead shielding garments worn in the operating room. Those worn at the authors' institution were collected and swabbed in designated 5×5-cm areas. Swabs were sent to the clinical laboratory for bacterial isolation and identification. All isolates were identified using(More)
The entire human topoisomerase II alpha (hTopoII alpha) dimer was expressed in the yeast Saccaromyces cerevisiae, purified to homogeneity, and subjected to atomic force microscopy (AFM) under a tapping mode. Molecular images obtained exhibited a 'heart or donut-like' structure with a large axial hole. The main benefit of the application of AFM to study the(More)
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