Christopher Friend

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We report a study of two nonlinear optical processes at the nanoscale level, using a near-field probe: (i) two-photon-pumped upconversion from ZnS:Mn nanoparticles encapsulated with 2-[{(?) -2-[4 -(ethylsulfonyl) phenyl]- 1-ethenyl} (methyl)anilino]- 1-ethanethiol and (ii) second-harmonic generation (SHG) from N -(4-nitrophenyl)- (L) -prolinol crystallites.(More)
Very intense green and red emission was observed at room temperature from the (4)S(3/2) and (4)F(9/2) levels of Er(3+):Y(2)O(3). A cw diode laser at 975 nm was used as a pump for resonant sequential excitation of the (4)I(11/2) and (4)F(7/2) levels. The fluorescence was easily visible to the naked eye, even with 27 mW of excitation power. It was found that(More)
We demonstrate optical power limiting by what we believe to be a new mechanism of nonlinear absorption, which involves a quasi-resonant ground-state absorption that is either phonon assisted or assisted by the presence of defect sites (tail absorption). Such a mechanism provides high transmittance at low intensity yet optical limiting under cw conditions.(More)
We report the influence of photonic stopgaps on two-photon excited emission from highly efficient nonlinear chromophores infiltrated into high-quality photonic crystals. We have observed a sharp decrease (filter effect) in emission within the frequency range and direction of the stopgap as well as sharp enhancement of the two-photon excited emission(More)
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