Christopher Frey

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Middle Stone Age (MSA) and Middle Paleolithic (MP) faunal assemblages have gained widespread attention due to their relevance to the debate over the modernity of hominid behavior during the MSA/MP. A recent critique of the scavenging argument for MSA/MP behavior drew on a summary presentation of the skeletal abundance and surface modification data from Die(More)
Gasification systems, such as coal-based integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) systems for power generation and byproduct recovery, are complex technologies. Process simulators, such as ASPEN, have typically been used to evaluate the performance, emissions, and costs of these technologies. Process simulation models are sufficiently large that they(More)
Quantitative methods for characterizing variability and uncertainty are applied to a case study of developing a probabilistic national per-capita emission factor for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from consumer/commercial product use. VOC profiles of 20 product categories were investigated. For each category, measures of VOC weight percentage for(More)
The quality of emission factors is typically described using data quality ratings. Such ratings are qualitative and provide no indication of the precision of the emission factor for an average emission source, nor of the variability in emissions from one source to another within a category. Advances in methodology and computing power enable the application(More)