Christopher Fenner

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Two types of canine cardiac myosins, myosin from the free wall of the right ventricle and the free wall of the left ventricle, were compared with canine skeletal muscle myosin from the gastrocnemius. The Vmax values for the ATPase reaction catalyzed by myosin were significantly different among the three types of tissues. For K+-activated myosin the Vmax(More)
Length and weight measurements were obtained on 144 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Data were compared for wild-caught dolphins (n = 124), dolphins in training (n = 34), and dolphins that had died in an emaciated condition (n = 15). The purpose of the study was to establish guidelines for use in estimating when a dolphin is over- or(More)
Summary form only given. Distributed Source Coding (DSC) is rapidly gaining popularity, and has many good applications. However, some important correlations are sometimes omitted, such as temporal correlation. In this paper, we consider the correlations of the source data both in spatial and temporal domains for DSC decoding. And this is equally to(More)
The ATPase activity of purified myocardial myosin was activated by either K(+) or Ca(++); the addition of one in the presence of the other caused inhibition. According to Hill-plot analyses the K(+)-saturation curves were sigmoidal (n = 2.92), while the Ca(++)-saturation curves were hyperbolic (n = 1.25). Ca(++)-saturation curves in the presence of K(+)(More)