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Preserving accuracy in GenBank
GenBank, the public repository for nucleotide and protein sequences, is a critical resource for molecular biology, evolutionary biology, and ecology. While some attention has been drawn to sequenceExpand
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Three new phylogenetic and biological Neurospora species: N. hispaniola, N. metzenbergii and N. perkinsii
The recent recognition of provisional Neurospora phylogenetic species (PS) 1–3 gave us the opportunity to compare genetic isolation, which underlies phylogenetic species recognition (PSR), withExpand
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A molecular characterization of spontaneous frameshift mutagenesis within the trpA gene of Escherichia coli.
Spontaneous frameshift mutations are an important source of genetic variation in all species and cause a large number of genetic disorders in humans. To enhance our understanding of the molecularExpand
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Investigations into the gene expression of Neurospora crassa during mycelial contact with fungi of increasing phylogenetic distance
Author(s): Villalta, Christopher Francisco | Advisor(s): Taylor, John W. | Abstract: In the first chapter, using phylogenetic information about Neurospora, I designed a successful two restrictionExpand
Neurospora contamination of cultures in Lao PDR — a sticky rice issue
A major problem with contamination of fungal and bacterial cultures by Neurospora in the diagnostic laboratory of the Plant Pathology Unit at the Plant Protection Centre in Vientiane, Laos, occurredExpand