Christopher F. Dumas

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We began this experiment to test specific hypotheses regarding direct and indirect effects of fish predation on the littoral macroinvertebrate community of Bays Mountain Lake, Tennessee. We used 24 m2 enclosures in which we manipulated the presence and absence of large redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophus>150 mm SL), and small sunfish (L. macrochirus and L.(More)
The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), which the United States Congress enacted in 1986, is the largest “Right to Know” program in the world. Each year over 20,000 facilities are required to report their emissions of hundreds of toxic chemicals to the government for dissemination to the public. Facilities that comprise the “Top 10” worst polluters within states(More)
-In this paper we provide an introduction to water quality benefit estimation for noneconomists. Net water quality benefits are typically measured using the concept of consumer surplus, which can be estimated using a number of economic valuation methodologies. These can be divided into direct and indirect methods. Direct methods involve questioning survey(More)
We consider the convergent validity of several demand models using beach recreation data. Two models employ multiple site data: a count data demand system model and the Kuhn-Tucker demand system model. We explore the role of existing variation in beach width in explaining trip choices, and analyze a hypothetical 100 foot increase in beach width. We compare(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to provide estimates of the economic impacts of Medicaid program expenditures in North Carolina in state fiscal year (SFY) 2003. STUDY DESIGN The study uses input-output analysis to estimate the economic impacts of Medicaid expenditures. DATA SOURCES/STUDY SETTING The study uses North Carolina Medicaid program(More)
Many experts encourage homeowners to improve their houses to better survive natural catastrophes and reduce overall societal costs. However, we find these encouragements are not necessarily financially sound for the homeowner at risk of hurricane wind damage. We find that subsidized insurance reduces the incentive for a risk-neutral homeowner to purchase(More)
When it comes to judging the quality of dental care they receive, patients often rely on more than the dental care itself. Patients judge quality by what they can see, touch, feel, and sense. A quality practice dedicated to nurturing loyal patients must create an environment that, in the eyes and perception of its patients, stands apart it from the(More)
We examine the determinants of satisfactory homework performance among Principles of Macroeconomics students. Using OLS, we find that the student’s GPA, the time spent studying and the perceived usefulness of homework assignments in preparing for exams favor improved homework performance. In a LOGIT analysis, we discover the probability of making an ‘A’ is(More)