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Video-based media spaces are designed to support casual interaction between intimate collaborators. Yet transmitting video is fraught with privacy concerns. Some researchers suggest that the video stream be filtered to mask out potentially sensitive information. While a variety of filtering techniques exist, they have not been evaluated for how well they(More)
Extracellular ATP initiates potent effects on sodium transport across renal epithelia through membrane-associated purinergic receptors. Dependent on the location of these receptors, ATP either inhibits or stimulates sodium reabsorption. Using A6 cells, transepithelial electrical resistance measurements, and scanning ion conductance microscopy, we have(More)
— This paper presents a sliding mode control scheme for reconfigurable control of a civil aircraft. The controller is based around a state-feedback sliding mode scheme where the nonlinear unit vector term is allowed to adaptively increase when the onset of a fault is detected. Compared to other fault tolerant controllers which have been implemented on this(More)
A number of clones have been isolated from two Bacillus species which complement the PhoA- phenotype of Escherichia coli mutants under conditions that induce the expression of alkaline phosphatase (APase). These clones were initially thought to carry XPases because the transformed host could hydrolyse a common APase substrate, XP(More)
Bacillus subtilis has an alkaline phosphatase multigene family. Two members of this gene family, phoAIII and phoAIV, were cloned, taking advantage of in vitro constructed strains containing a plasmid insertion within one or the other of the structural genes. The DNA sequences of the two genes showed approximately 64% identity at the DNA level and 63%(More)
The first alkaline phosphatase (APase) structural gene mutant of Bacillus subtilis 168 was constructed by using a clone identified by hybridization to a synthetic degenerative oligonucleotide. The design of the probe was based on the first 29 amino acids of the sequenced mature APase III protein, which had been isolated from the secreted fraction of(More)
The selectable lists of pages offered by web browsers' history and bookmark facilities ostensibly make it easier for people to return to previously visited pages. These lists show the pages as abstractions, typically as truncated titles and URLs, and more rarely as small thumbnail images. Yet we have little knowledge of how recognizable these(More)