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Video-based media spaces are designed to support casual interaction between intimate collaborators. Yet transmitting video is fraught with privacy concerns. Some researchers suggest that the video stream be filtered to mask out potentially sensitive information. While a variety of filtering techniques exist, they have not been evaluated for how well they(More)
We report a novel scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) technique for assessing the volume of living cells, which allows quantitative, high-resolution characterization of dynamic changes in cell volume while retaining the cell functionality. The technique can measure a wide range of volumes from 10(-19) to 10(-9) liter. The cell volume, as well as the(More)
The spatial distribution of ion channels in the cell plasma membrane has an important role in governing regional specialization, providing a precise and localized control over cell function. We report here a novel technique based on scanning ion conductance microscopy that allows, for the first time, mapping of single active ion channels in intact cell(More)