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Migrating operating system instances across distinct physical hosts is a useful tool for administrators of data centers and clusters: It allows a clean separation between hard-ware and software, and facilitates fault management, load balancing, and low-level system maintenance. By carrying out the majority of migration while OSes continue to run, we(More)
Commissural axon guidance requires complex modulations of growth cone sensitivity to midline-derived cues, but underlying mechanisms in vertebrates remain largely unknown. By using combinations of ex vivo and in vivo approaches, we uncovered a molecular pathway controlling the gain of response to a midline repellent, Semaphorin3B (Sema3B). First, we provide(More)
Many software attacks are based on injecting malicious code into a target host. This paper demonstrates the use of a well-known technique, data tainting, to track data received from the network as it propagates through a system and to prevent its execution. Unlike past approaches to taint tracking, which track tainted data by running the system completely(More)
Mastering the game of Go has remained a long standing challenge to the field of AI. Modern computer Go systems rely on processing millions of possible future positions to play well, but intuitively a stronger and more 'humanlike' way to play the game would be to rely on pattern recognition abilities rather then brute force computation. Following this(More)
BACKGROUND Differences in systolic blood pressure (SBP) of 10 mm Hg or more or 15 mm Hg or more between arms have been associated with peripheral vascular disease and attributed to subclavian stenosis. We investigated whether an association exists between this difference and central or peripheral vascular disease, and mortality. METHODS We searched(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the long term cumulative prevalence of asthma in children admitted to hospital with pneumonia and to examine the hypothesis that some children admitted to hospital with pneumonia may be presenting with undiagnosed asthma. DESIGN Prospective study of a cohort of children previously admitted to hospital with pneumonia, followed up by(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility of annual hypothyroid screening of children with Down's syndrome by measuring thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) on dried blood spots at school, and to describe the outcome in positive children. DESIGN Establishment of a register of school children with Down's syndrome, and procedures for obtaining permission from(More)
OBJECTIVE To review trials of nurse led interventions for hypertension in primary care to clarify the evidence base, establish whether nurse prescribing is an important intervention, and identify areas requiring further study. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis. DATA SOURCES Ovid Medline, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, British(More)