Christopher Dolan

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INTRODUCTION The Latarjet and Bristow procedures address recurrent anterior shoulder instability in the context of a significant bony defect. However, the bony and soft tissue anatomy of the coracoid as they relate to coracoid transfer procedures has not yet been defined. The purpose of this study was to describe the soft tissue attachments of the coracoid(More)
The effect of circuit training on blood pressure (BP) and strength were evaluated for six months in 16 middle-aged (means = 55.8 years) men in a metropolitan cardiac rehabilitation program. Circuit training consisted of 12 to 20 repetitions at 30% to 40% of one repetition maximum on 12 Nautilus exercises with one-minute rests between exercises. This(More)
BACKGROUND Operative treatment of stage II posterior tibial tendon insufficiency (PTTI) is controversial. Many soft-tissue and bony procedures and various combinations of the two have been reported for treatment of stage II PTTI. Orthopaedists recognize the lateral column lengthening component of the procedure as a successful reconstructive technique. The(More)
We consider a common type of robust performance analysis that is formulated as maximizing an expectation among all probability models that are within some tolerance of a baseline model in the Kullback-Leibler sense. The solution of such concave program is tractable and provides an upper bound which is robust to model misspecification. However, this robust(More)
Forty-one patients with anxiety and tension or various conditions associated with neuroses were treated with hydroxyzine hydrochloride tablets. Of the 41 patients, eight had an excellent response, 14 a good response, 16 were improved and three responded poorly. The only side reaction in this series was temporary drowsiness which, in the majority of(More)
Lymphangioma is a benign congenital tumor rarely experienced in the upper extremity. There are few reports of the outcomes of treatment of this tumor to guide treatment when it occurs in the finger. Treatment of this disease is challenging. This report presents two cases of lymphangioma in the fingers of children.