Christopher Diggins

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An outbreak of Pontiac fever occurred among 34 of 56 people attending conferences at a hotel in Santa Clara County, California, in 1988. Two groups had an acute febrile upper respiratory illness, with a mean attack rate of 82% and a mean incubation period of 56 hours. Symptoms resolved spontaneously within 5 days. Legionella anisa, which had not previously(More)
Stack-based languages (e.g. Forth (Moore 1974), Postscript (Inc. 1999)) have been around for nearly four decades. They are particularly popular today for use as intermediate languages (e.g. CIL (ECMA 2002), JVML (Lindholm and Yellin 1999), (Morrisett et al. 1998)). This is for several reasons: they have good run-time performance characteristics, they(More)
Generating executables from UML is possible given a precisely defined language for describing actions, a so-called action language. The UML specification formally describes the semantics that an action language must conform to, but not the syntax. Until recently, several surface syntax languages for UML have been proposed. These language, however, suffer(More)
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