Christopher Deur

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It has been hypothesized that peripherally restricted NMDA receptor antagonists may be effective analgesics for osteoarthritis pain. A class of novel quinoxalinedione atropisomers, first discovered for an NMDA receptor antagonist program for the treatment of stroke, was evaluated and further optimized with the goal of finding peripherally restricted NMDA(More)
Single enantiomer (SS) and (RR) 2-[(phenoxy)(phenyl)methyl]morpholine derivatives 5, 8-23 are inhibitors of monoamine reuptake. Target compounds were prepared using an enantioselective synthesis employing a highly specific enzyme-catalysed resolution of racemic n-butyl 4-benzylmorpholine-2-carboxylate (26) as the key step. Structure-activity relationships(More)
The trace metals represent an extremely small part of the total mass of the organism. In spite of this, these elements appear to play major roles in metabolism. At the level of the hematopoietic system, specific roles can be identified for iron, copper, zinc, and cobalt. Other trace metals appear to play less clearly defined roles in hematopoiesis but(More)
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