Christopher Dempsey

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Particle tracking is an invaluable technique to extract quantitative and qualitative information regarding the transport of nanomaterials through complex biological environments. This technique can be used to probe the dynamic behavior of nanoparticles as they interact with and navigate through intra- and extra-cellular barriers. In this article, we focus(More)
We explored the unique signal integration properties of the self-assembling 60-mer protein capsid of adeno-associated virus (AAV), a clinically proven human gene therapy vector, by engineering proteolytic regulation of virus-receptor interactions such that processing of the capsid by proteases is required for infection. We find the transfer function of our(More)
Barium titanate nanoparticles (BT NP) belong to a class of second harmonic generating (SHG) nanoprobes that have recently demonstrated promise in biological imaging. Unfortunately, BT NPs display low cellular uptake efficiencies, which may be a problem if cellular internalization is desired or required for a particular application. To overcome this issue,(More)
Using live-cell confocal microscopy and particle tracking technology, the simultaneous transport of intracellular vesicles of the endo-lysosomal pathway and nonviral polyethylenimine (PEI)/DNA nanocomplexes was investigated. Due to potential problems associated with the use of acid-sensitive probes in combination with a gene vector that is hypothesized to(More)
Real-time particle tracking is a technique that combines fluorescence microscopy with object tracking and computing and can be used to extract quantitative transport parameters for small particles inside cells. Since the success of a nanocarrier can often be determined by how effectively it delivers cargo to the target organelle, understanding the complex(More)
with you two significant developments in Stearns activities. First, with Mr. Ted Lottman joining the Stearns Collection as an in-house designer, Stearns displays of musical instruments have achieved a higher level of sophistication. A professional and experienced designer, Mr. Lottman has already produced a display of Russian instruments that echoes with(More)
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