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Perovskite-based hybrid solar cells exceeding 10% efficiency with high reproducibility using a thin film sandwich approach.
Organometal halide perovskites have tremendous potential as light absorbers for photovoltaic applications. In this work we demonstrate hybrid solar cells based on the mixed perovskite CH3 NH3 PbI2 ClExpand
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Aqueous solutions for low-temperature photoannealing of functional oxide films: reaching the 400 °C Si-technology integration barrier.
Functional oxide films were obtained at low temperature by combination of aqueous precursors and a UV-assisted annealing process (aqueous photochemical solution deposition). For a PbTiO(3) modelExpand
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V6O13 films by control of the oxidation state from aqueous precursor to crystalline phase.
An aqueous deposition process for V(6)O(13) films is developed whereby the vanadium oxidation state is continuously controlled throughout the entire process. In the precursor stage, a controlled wetExpand
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Thermal behaviour of arsenic trioxide adsorbed on activated carbon.
The thermal stability and desorption of arsenic trioxide (As(2)O(3)) adsorbed on activated carbon (AC) was investigated as this phenomenon is expected to influence the arsenic release during lowExpand
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Aqueous citrato-oxovanadate(IV) precursor solutions for VO2: synthesis, spectroscopic investigation and thermal analysis.
An aqueous precursor solution, containing citrato-VO(2+) complexes, is synthesized for the formation of monoclinic VO2. With regard to the decomposition of the VO(2+) complexes towards vanadium oxideExpand
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Tuning the dimensions of ZnO nanorod arrays for application in hybrid photovoltaics.
ZnO nanorod arrays are a very eligible option as electron acceptor material in hybrid solar cells, owing to their favorable electrical properties and abundance of available, easy, and low-costExpand
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