Christopher Davis

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We study the kernel and cokernel of the Frobenius map on the p-typical Witt vectors of a commutative ring, not necessarily of characteristic p. We give some equivalent conditions to surjectivity of the Frobenus map on both finite and infinite length Witt vectors; the former condition turns out to be stable under certain integral extensions, a fact which(More)
We describe an alternate construction of some of the basic rings introduced by Fontaine in p-adic Hodge theory. In our construction, the central role is played by the ring of p-typical Witt vectors over a p-adic valuation ring, rather than the Witt vectors over a ring of positive characteristic. This suggests the possibility of forming a meaningful global(More)
Lewis (1986a: §5) 1 articulates and explores a trio of important general theses concerning pragmatic values: (1) Pragmatic values are i. irreducibly distinct from semantic denotations; ii. sometimes specific to individual clause types; and iii. appropriately modeled with probabilities. Lewis (1976, 1986b) concentrates on material conditionals, arguing that(More)
  • Colin Adams, Hanna Bennett, +4 authors Eric Schoenfeld
  • 2008
We generalize the results of [AS], finding large classes of totally geodesic Seifert surfaces in hyperbolic knot and link complements, each the lift of a rigid 2-orbifold embedded in some hyperbolic 3-orbifold. In addition, we provide a uniqueness theorem and demonstrate that many knots cannot possess totally geodesic Seifert surfaces by giving bounds on(More)
We define a p-adic character to be a continuous homomorphism from 1 + tFq[[t]] to Z * p. For p > 2, we use the ring of big Witt vectors over Fq to exhibit a bijection between p-adic characters and sequences (c i) (i,p)=1 of elements in Zq, indexed by natural numbers relatively prime to p, and for which lim i→∞ c i = 0. To such a p-adic character we(More)