Christopher D. Stickley

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The induction by 60Co gamma-rays of DNA breaks, revealed by relaxation (single-strand breaks, SSBs) and linearization (double-strand breaks, DSBs) of supercoiled plasmid DNA, was measured under three irradiation conditions, the DNA being in a dry, humid, or aqueous state in the absence of oxygen, at 25 or -196 degrees C (77 K). Yields of strand breaks (3.0(More)
CONTEXT The effectiveness of education in modifying hydration behaviors in adolescent athletes is unclear. OBJECTIVE To assess the hydration status and behaviors of female athletes before and after a 1-time educational intervention and prescribed hydration intervention in a warm, humid, tropical environment. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING(More)
This study assessed reliability of split times obtained by handheld stopwatches (HHSs) compared with electronic timing (ET) during a 200-m sprint. Two HHS timing methods were compared with ET: single-split timers (SST) and multiple-split timers (MST). Twenty-six timers without previous experience were given instruction and completed practice trials until(More)
The traditional 30-second Wingate anaerobic test (WAnT) is a widely used anaerobic power assessment protocol. An abbreviated protocol has been shown to decrease the mild to severe physical discomfort often associated with the WAnT. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine whether a 20-second WAnT protocol could be used to accurately predict(More)
Continuous monitoring of respiratory rate is crucial in forecasting health crises and other major physiological instabilities. Current respiratory monitoring methods limit the mobility of the patient or require constant battery replacement. Wireless, wearable technology can collect continuous physiological data without immobilizing or inconveniencing(More)
PURPOSE Traction-induced injury, related to muscles of the superficial and deep posterior compartments, has been implicated as the cause of medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) with symptoms commonly occurring in the distal third of the posteromedial tibia. Standard anatomic texts do not identify this region as an attachment site for these structures.(More)
This study examined a modification of the Margaria-Kalamen test for football players. The football stair climb test (FST) protocol used in this study increased the vertical displacement (20 steps, 3.12 m) so that the mean best time for the test was 2.048 +/- 0.267 seconds. Fifty-eight Division I-A football players volunteered to participate (mean +/- SD age(More)
Gómez-Molina, J, Ogueta-Alday, A, Stickley, C, Tobalina, JC, Cabrejas-Ugartondo, J, and García-López, J. Differences in spatiotemporal parameters between trained runners and untrained participants. J Strength Cond Res 31(8): 2169-2175, 2017-The aim of this study was to compare the spatiotemporal parameters of trained runners and untrained participants with(More)
This study was designed to investigate the effects of combination oral contraceptive agents (OCAs) on strength and torque production in collegiate women softball and water polo athletes who participated in a 12-week strength development program. A double-blind research design was used to mask subjects to the main outcome of interest. Thirty-one women(More)