Christopher D. Metcalf

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In this paper, we develop the idea of asynchronous data-parallelism; that is, data-parallel programs in which the processing elements may be performing diierent computations at any given time. We suggest that since synchronous machines are forced to sequentialize the clauses of conditional statements, programming is hindered. Programmers must waste time(More)
Rehabilitation environments combining virtual reality with everyday motor tasks can promote recovery from neurological illness, such as stroke. Tactile devices, providing physical stimulation to the skin, may improve motor retraining. While many tactile devices have been reported, there is a distinct paucity of studies evaluating how they are perceived.(More)
Multidisciplinary research is becoming an increasingly popular approach by many international, national and institutional organisations to address global grand challenges and provide innovative solutions. However, within an academic setting, Early Career Researchers are underutilized in this field. This underutilisation can come from many factors, arising(More)
The primary objective of the experiments was to investigate the wrist motion of a person while they were carrying out a prehensile task from a clinical hand function test. A six-camera movement system was used to observe the wrist motion of 10 participants. A very light sphere and a heavy sphere were used in the experiments to study any mass effects. While(More)