Christopher D. Lau

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Soft-tissue sarcomas, which result in approximately 10,700 diagnoses and 3,800 deaths per year in the United States, show remarkable histologic diversity, with more than 50 recognized subtypes. However, knowledge of their genomic alterations is limited. We describe an integrative analysis of DNA sequence, copy number and mRNA expression in 207 samples(More)
A complete and accurate set of human protein-coding gene annotations is perhaps the single most important resource for genomic research after the human-genome sequence itself, yet the major gene catalogs remain incomplete and imperfect. Here we describe a genome-wide effort, carried out as part of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) project, to identify(More)
SUMMARY ViewDock TDW is a modification of the pre-existing ViewDock Chimera extension ( used to visualize results of virtual screening experiments. By combing TDW hardware and an enhanced ViewDock interface, dozens of ligand-protein complexes are rendered simultaneously to parallelize the analysis of candidate ligands. The(More)
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