Christopher D. Bertram

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We present experimental and computational results that describe the level, distribution, and importance of velocity fluctuations within the venous anastomosis of an arteriovenous graft. The motivation of this work is to understand better the importance of biomechanical forces in the development of intimal hyperplasia within these grafts. Steady-flow in(More)
The self-excited oscillation of airway structures and flexible tubes in response to flow is reviewed. The structures range from tiny airways deep in the lung causing wheezing at the end of a forced expiration, to the pursed lips of a brass musical instrument player. Other airway structures that vibrate include the vocal cords (and their avian equivalent,(More)
Prediction of the effects of refractive index (RI) mismatch on laser Doppler anemometer (LDA) measurements within a curvilinear cavity (an artificial ventricle) was achieved by developing a general technique for modelling the paths of the convergent beams of the LDA system using 3D vector geometry. Validated by ray tracing through CAD drawings, the(More)
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