Christopher D Balak

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Neuromuscular diseases (NMD) account for a significant proportion of infant and childhood mortality and devastating chronic disease. Determining the specific diagnosis of NMD is challenging due to thousands of unique or rare genetic variants that result in overlapping phenotypes. We present four unique childhood myopathy cases characterized by relatively(More)
The following is a review of 50 X-linked syndromes and conditions associated with either arthrogryposis or other types of early contractures. These entities are categorized as those with known responsible gene mutations, those which are definitely X-linked, but the responsible gene has not been identified, and those suspected from family history to be(More)
Mutations in CASK cause X-linked intellectual disability, microcephaly with pontine and cerebellar hypoplasia, optic atrophy, nystagmus, feeding difficulties, GI hypomotility, and seizures. Here we present a patient with a de novo carboxyl-terminus splice site mutation in CASK (c.2521-2A>G) and clinical features of the rare FG syndrome-4 (FGS4). We provide(More)
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