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Migrating operating system instances across distinct physical hosts is a useful tool for administrators of data centers and clusters: It allows a clean separation between hard-ware and software, and facilitates fault management, load balancing, and low-level system maintenance. By carrying out the majority of migration while OSes continue to run, we(More)
Many software attacks are based on injecting malicious code into a target host. This paper demonstrates the use of a well-known technique, data tainting, to track data received from the network as it propagates through a system and to prevent its execution. Unlike past approaches to taint tracking, which track tainted data by running the system completely(More)
Many computer science programs suffer from low student retention rates. At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, academic performance and retention rates among first-year computer science students are among the lowest on campus. In order to remedy this, we have developed a new CS0 course featuring different "tracks" that students can choose from (e.g. robotics,(More)
Computer Science (CS) education at the middle school level using educational games has seen recent growth and shown promising results. Typically these games teach the craft of programming and not the perspectives required for computational thinking, such as abstraction and algorithm design, characteristic of a CS curriculum. This research presents a game(More)
In this paper, a novel systematic and practical methodology is presented for design of vehicle semi-active suspension systems. Typically, the semi-active control strategies developed to improve vehicle ride comfort and stability have a switching nature. This makes the design of the controlled suspension systems difficult and highly dependent on an extensive(More)
Acknowledgements First and foremost, we would like to thank our advisor, Christopher Clark, for helping us throughout the process and up until the very last minute. He managed to achieve the dicult balance of steering us towards a challenging, interesting problem that was actually solvable in the time frame available to us. We are extremely grateful for his(More)