Christopher Chow

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An Euler diagram C = {c1, c2, . . . , cn} is a collection of n simple closed curves (i.e., Jordan curves) that partition the plane into connected subsets, called regions, each of which is enclosed by a unique combination of curves. Typically, Euler diagrams are used to visualize the distribution of discrete characteristics across a sample population; in(More)
Time series data contains temporal ordering, which makes its feature selection different from the normal feature selection. Feature selection in multivariate time series has two tasks: identifying the relevant features and finding their effective window sizes of lagged values. The methods extended from normal feature selection methods do not solve this(More)
Absorbance data collected from an online UV absorbance spectrophotometer installed for water quality monitoring at a conventional drinking water treatment plant was used to develop surrogate parameters for treatment process monitoring and optimisation. Surrogate parameters were developed via data analysis of collected online data as well as by targeted(More)
Understanding what is relevant to a user is important for being able to deliver accurate and meaningful search results, engaging user experiences, and an efficient workflow. We present DeepBUFS, a prototype interactive system to support users make relevance decisions. DeepBUFS uses pre-trained deep learning models to classify relevance from user biometric(More)
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