Christopher Choi

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Prion diseases are fatal neurodegenerative disorders that affect both humans and animals. The rapid clinical progression, change in protein conformation, cross-species transmission and massive neuronal degeneration are some key features of this devastating degenerative condition. Although the etiology is unknown, aberrant processing of cellular prion(More)
The normal prion protein is abundantly expressed in the central nervous system, but its biological function remains unclear. The prion protein has octapeptide repeat regions that bind to several divalent metals, suggesting that the prion proteins may alter the toxic effect of environmental neurotoxic metals. In the present study, we systematically examined(More)
Aging is one of the most important biological processes and is a known risk factor for many age-related diseases in human. Studying age-related transcriptomic changes in tissues across the whole body can provide valuable information for a holistic understanding of this fundamental process. In this work, we catalogue age-related gene expression changes in(More)
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