Christopher Cheng Soon Cheok

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AIM Poor academic performance can reflect the neurobiological abnormalities underlying schizophrenia and has been suggested as a premorbid marker for the disorder. However, it is not clear as to how academic performance compares as a marker for other mental disorders. The objective of this study was to examine whether educational attainment is a candidate(More)
BACKGROUND The usage of mobile phones and mobile phone apps in the recent decade has indeed become more prevalent. Previous research has highlighted a method of using just the Internet browser and a text editor to create an app, but this does not eliminate the challenges faced by clinicians. More recently, two methodologies of app development have been(More)
Effective delivery of psychiatric care requires the development of a range of services. The existing Singapore health care system provides a comprehensive range of psychiatric services based in restructured hospitals. The Ministry of Health Community Mental Health Masterplan (2012-2017) aims to build novel services for the community. This Masterplan(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past decade, there have been massive developments in both Web-based and mobile phone technologies. Mobile phones are well accepted by students, trainees, and doctors. A review of the current literature has identified the following specialties that have used mobile phones in education: pediatrics, ophthalmology, nephrology, plastic(More)
PURPOSE Psychotic symptoms have been reported at varying rates in the general population in the West. We studied the association of psychotic symptoms with educational attainment and other psychiatric disorders in 23,248 male pre-enlistees for National Service in Singapore. METHODS In a 2-stage assessment, these enlistees were first screened with the(More)
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