Christopher Carner

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Figure 1: Surface mapping between horse and lizard. The color-coding shows the mapping of each region, guided by eight user-specified feature curves. Our topology-driven method provides mappings of different homotopy type between the two surfaces as shown in (c) and (d). We show feature curves in red. Abstract Topological concepts and techniques have been(More)
Three cases are reported of hypoglycemia manifested by profound sinus bradycardia and fatigue, which responded to i.v. dextrose with prompt normalization of the cardiac rhythm. The cases involved 3 different patients and disease processes: a young female who had anorexia nervosa and profound malnutrition; an elderly, nondiabetic male who subsequently(More)
Mapping of features such as texture and geometric detail is an important tool that enhances realism of surface geometry in graphics and animation. This essentially involves a transformation of 2D coordinates with associated attributes to a target surface in 3D. Moreover, users are often in need of more powerful techniques that can also enable cut-and-paste(More)
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