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Conjuring Boundaries: Inferring Past Identities from Religious Artifacts
A detailed examination of commonalities between folk religion beliefs and practices of African American and European American ethnic groups raises intriguing issues. Interpretations concerning theExpand
Crossroads and Cosmologies: Diasporas and Ethnogenesis in the New World
Christopher Fennell offers a fresh perspective on ways that the earliest enslaved Africans preserved vital aspects of their traditions and identities in the New World. He also explores similarExpand
Early African America: Archaeological Studies of Significance and Diversity
This article examines archaeological studies of the cultural heritage and social dynamics of African descendant populations in the United States and Canada from AD 1400 through 1865. EuropeanExpand
Damaging Detours: Routes, Racism, and New Philadelphia
The 19th-century impacts of racism and transportation developments on New Philadelphia, Illinois are explored by examining oral history, documentary, and archaeological evidence. This study firstExpand
Group Identity, Individual Creativity, and Symbolic Generation in a BaKongo Diaspora
This article applies theories of group dynamics and individual agency to past material expressions of core symbols within particular African American religious beliefs. The past creation and use ofExpand
Artifacts to Invoke, Direct, and Deflect
This article provides a guest editor and discussant’s overview of the articles in this thematic issue, points to elements of continuity and contrast across these case studies, and highlightsExpand