Christopher C. Yang

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Wireless access with mobile (or handheld) devices is a promising addition to the WWW and traditional electronic business. Mobile devices provide convenience and portable access to the huge information space on the Internet without requiring users to be stationary with network connection. However, the limited screen size, narrow network bandwidth, small(More)
As an important information portal, online healthcare forum are playing an increasingly crucial role in disseminating information and offering support to people. It connects people with the leading medical experts and others who have similar experiences. During an epidemic outbreak, such as H1N1, it is critical for the health department to understand how(More)
As part of the ongoing Illinois Digital Library Initiative are expected to worsen as the amount of online informaproject, this research proposes an intelligent agent aption increases. This is mainly due to the problems of proach to Web searching. In this experiment, we develinformation overload and vocabulary differences (Chen, oped two Web personal spiders(More)
The Web has become an excellent source for gathering consumer opinions (more specifically, consumer reviews) about products. Consumer reviews are essential for retailers and product manufacturers to understand the general responses of customers to their products and improve their marketing campaigns or products accordingly. In addition, consumer reviews(More)
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) represent a serious problem all over the world. They may complicate a patient's medical conditions and increase the morbidity, even mortality. Drug safety currently depends heavily on post-marketing surveillance, because pre-marketing review process cannot identify all possible adverse drug reactions in that it is limited by(More)
The vast majority of existing approaches to opinion feature extraction rely on mining patterns only from a single review corpus, ignoring the nontrivial disparities in word distributional characteristics of opinion features across different corpora. In this paper, we propose a novel method to identify opinion features from online reviews by exploiting the(More)
As Internet services based on the World-Wide Web become more popular, information overload has become a pressing research problem. Difficulties with search on Internet will worsen as the amount of on-line information increases. A scalable approach to Internet search is critical to the success of Internet services and other current and future National(More)
The creation and deployment of knowledge repositories formanaging, sharing, and reusing tacit knowledgewithin an organization has emerged as a prevalent approach in current knowledge management practices. A knowledge repository typically contains vast amounts of formal knowledge elements, which generally are available as documents. To facilitate users'(More)
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks provide a new distributed computing paradigm on the Internet for file sharing. The decentralized nature of P2P networks fosters cooperative and non-cooperative behaviors in sharing resources. Searching is a major component of P2P file sharing. Several studies have been reported on the nature of queries of World Wide Web (WWW)(More)