Christopher C.T. Chen

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Continuous regeneration of digestive enzyme (zymogen)-secreting chief cells is a normal aspect of stomach function that is disrupted in precancerous lesions (e.g. metaplasias, chronic atrophy). The cellular and genetic pathways that underlie zymogenic cell (ZC) differentiation are poorly understood. Here, we describe a gene expression analysis of laser(More)
Zymogenic cells (ZCs), acid-producing parietal cells (PCs), and mucus-secreting pit cells are the principal epithelial lineages in the stomachs of adult mice and humans. Each lineage is derived from the multipotent gastric stem cell and undergoes perpetual renewal within discrete mucosal invaginations (gastric units). In this report, we analyze the(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate posttraumatic chondrocyte apoptosis in the murine xiphoid after a crush-type injury and to ultimately determine the pathway (i.e., intrinsic or extrinsic) by which chondrocytes undergo apoptosis in response to mechanical injury. DESIGN The xiphoids of adult female wild-type mice were injured with the use of a modified Kelly clamp.(More)
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