Christopher C Hentschel

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S1 nuclease mapping of the Psammechinus miliaris embryonic histone mRNAs locates the 5' termini in or adjacent to a short sequence homology (5'pyCATTCpu3') downstream from the putative RNA polymerase II regulatory sequence (5'TATAAATA3') or related sequences. The 3' termini map just after a sequence containing GC-rich hyphenated dyad symmetry, a feature of(More)
A method of isolating circular plasmid DNA from cleared lysates of E. coli is described. Purification is achieved by virtue of the rapid re-annealing kinetics or supercoiled DNA. After a brief denaturation step, double stranded plasmid DNA is separated from denatured chromosomal DNA and RNA in a two-phase partition system using dextran and polyethylene(More)
Previous work has indicated that at least some of the genetic information required for the expression of sea urchin histone genes is recognized following injection of the gene repeat (h22) into Xenopus oocyte nuclei. The ability to elicit the expression of cloned genes and their sequence-manipulated counterparts is proving invaluable in analysing the(More)
We have adapted the fibrin overlay assay for plasminogen activators (Jones et al., 1975) into a gene transfer expression assay which has the advantage of being very sensitive and nondestructive. In this assay plasminogen activators convert plasminogen to plasmin, which then degrades fibrin, resulting in clearings in a fibrin overlay. Furthermore, the assay(More)