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—The use of matched filters on hyperspectral data has made it possible to detect faint signatures. This study uses a modified-means clustering to improve matched filter performance. Several simple bivariate cases are examined in detail, and the interaction of filtering and partitioning is discussed. We show that clustering can reduce within-class variance(More)
(2014). A spatial analysis of population dynamics and climate change in Africa: Potential vulnerability hot spots emerge where precipitation declines and demographic pressures coincide. Population and (2013). The climate-population nexus in the East African Horn: emerging degradation trends in rangeland and pastoral livelihood zones.
The vertical and horizontal mixing of waters within the ocean affects the Earth's climate because it controls the poleward transport of heat and carbon within the ocean, the structure of the large-scale currents, and the character of water that upwells and interacts with the atmosphere. Particularly in the Southern Ocean, ocean general circulation models(More)
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