Christopher Burrows

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Evaluating others is a fundamental feature of human social interaction--we like those who help more than those who hinder. In the present research, we examined social evaluation of those who not only intentionally performed good and bad actions but also those to whom good things have happened (the lucky) and those to whom bad things have happened (the(More)
OBJECTIVE This project considered how inattention to left-out variable error and measurement correspondence in the assessment of explicit measures can result in upwardly biased estimates of the predictive utility of implicit measures designed to predict health behaviors. METHOD A pilot study (n = 96) used a cross-sectional design to predict beer(More)
Various concepts of steerable needles have been developed in order to reduce placement errors during insertions and to enable complex procedures through curved trajectories in minimally invasive surgery. When inserted into soft tissue, motion of the targeted location ahead of the needle tip has to be taken into account for controlling such tools. This paper(More)
Attributes of words can be known even when the words are not currently retrievable. Although repeatedly demonstrated for semantic and contextual dimensions, the evidence is ambiguous for structural characteristics. The present research demonstrates significant above-chance first-letter knowledge across four ordinal levels of retrieval confidence for(More)
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