Christopher Broussard

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Ocular dominance plasticity in the developing primary visual cortex is initiated by monocular deprivation (MD) and consolidated during subsequent sleep. To clarify how visual experience and sleep affect neuronal activity and plasticity, we continuously recorded extragranular visual cortex fast-spiking (FS) interneurons and putative principal (i.e.,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Sleep has been hypothesized to globally reduce synaptic strength. However, recent findings suggest that in the context of learning and memory consolidation, sleep may promote synaptic potentiation. We tested the requirement for sleep in a naturally occurring form of experience-dependent synaptic potentiation in the adult mouse visual cortex(More)
A panel of immune parameters (lymphocyte activation by mitogens, natural cytotoxicity, and differential cell counts) was assessed in socially housed pigtail and bonnet macaques 1 and 2 weeks before, 48 h after, and 1 and 2 weeks after a competitive water test. Species differences were found in both baseline measures and the responses to the test: Immune(More)
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