Christopher Bower

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Desmosomes are essential adhesion structures in most epithelia that link the intermediate filament network of one cell to its neighbor, thereby forming a strong bond. The molecular components of desmosomes belong to the cadherin superfamily, the plakin family, and the armadillo repeat protein family. The desmosomal cadherins are calcium-dependent(More)
Controlling coherent electromagnetic interactions in molecular systems is a problem of both fundamental interest and important applicative potential in the development of photonic and opto-electronic devices. The strength of these interactions determines both the absorption and emission properties of molecules coupled to nanostructures, effectively(More)
Technically useful bulk superconductors must have high transport critical current densities, Jc, at operating temperatures. They also require a normal metal cladding to provide parallel electrical conduction, thermal stabilization, and mechanical protection of the generally brittle superconductor cores. The recent discovery of superconductivity at 39 K in(More)
The effect of increasing solid phase concentration on the morphology and flocculation rate of model aerosol suspensions has been investigated. Suspensions of micronized salbutamol sulphate and lactose in trichlorotrifluoroethane (P113) were studied under conditions of increasing shear stress. By use of image analysis techniques, measurement of aggregate(More)
We present the first III-V opto-electronic components transfer printed on and coupled to a silicon photonic integrated circuit. Thin InP-based membranes are transferred to an SOI waveguide circuit, after which a single-spatial-mode broadband light source is fabricated. The process flow to create transfer print-ready coupons is discussed. Aqueous(More)
A novel technique of rheometry combined with image analysis to study model aerosol suspensions used in inhalation technology has been used. The role of surfactants in the stability and aggregation of such suspensions was also investigated. Addition of increasing concentrations of sorbitan monooleate (Span 80) to suspensions of micronized polar solids in(More)
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