Christopher Bouchard

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Equational unification is an important research area with many applications, such as cryptographic protocol analysis. Unification modulo a convergent term rewrite system is undecidable, even with just a single rule. To identify decidable (and tractable) cases, two paradigms have been developed — Basic Syntactic Mutation [14] and the Finite Variant Property(More)
Unification modulo convergent term rewrite systems is an important research area with many applications. In their seminal paper Lynch and Morawska gave three conditions on rewrite systems that guarantee that unifiability can be checked in polynomial time (P). We show that these conditions are tight, in the sense that relaxing any one of them will " upset(More)
We investigate unification problems related to the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode of encryption. We first model chaining in terms of a simple, convergent, rewrite system over a signature with two disjoint sorts: list and element. By interpreting a particular symbol of this signature suitably, the rewrite system can model several practical situations of(More)
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