Christopher Boesch

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Hunting is often considered one of the major behaviors that shaped early hominids' evolution, along with the shift toward a drier and more open habitat. We suggest that a precise comparison of the hunting behavior of a species closely related to man might help us understand which aspects of hunting could be affected by environmental conditions. The hunting(More)
Reported incidences of tool use and tool making for three wild chimpanzee populations increase from Mahale (12 and 3 types of use and making, respectively), Gombe (16 and 3) to Taï (19 and 6). Sticks are commonly used and prepared at all three sites. However, Taï chimpanzees seem to perform more modifications on the material before using it. They are also(More)
We describe a developmental defect that manifests as a mild constricted "waist" in anterior teeth from seven of nine chimpanzee individuals from Taï National Park, Côte D'Ivoire. The sample consists of 21 canine teeth and one incisor, imaged in profile with a digital microscope. Twelve teeth are affected. The waist develops during tooth formation as an(More)
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