Christopher Blake

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PURPOSE Bladder pressure during voiding can be estimated by a noninvasive technique using controlled inflation of a penile cuff. This test provides a valid and reliable estimate of isovolumetric bladder pressure but to our knowledge the role of the test for the routine clinical treatment of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) has yet to be(More)
PURPOSE A total of 184,000 prostatectomies were performed in the United States in 2000 for the relief of presumed bladder outlet obstruction. However, it has been reported that prostatectomy using current indications fails to bring about symptomatic improvement in approximately one-fourth of patients. Pressure flow studies are currently recognized as the(More)
BACKGROUND Variceal bleeding is a common and serious problem. OBJECTIVE To review the current management of patients with variceal bleeding. SUMMARY Therapeutic options now include pharmacologic reduction of portal hypertension, endoscopic obliteration of varices, placement of decompressive shunts (both surgical and percutaneous), and liver(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) seroconversion was detected by routine screening in a haemodialysis patient, Patient 1. Serological investigations were undertaken over the following 3 months to determine if further transmission to other patients on the unit had occurred. No additional cases were identified. Twenty-two haemodialysis patients known to have HCV(More)
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