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The molecular regulation of muscle function in knee osteoarthritis is unclear. Elevated muscle atrophy regulation marker expression was associated with reduced muscle strength in knee osteoarthritis. The level of protein expression appears to be different between muscle, knee joint and serum, suggesting that inflammation is regulated differently within(More)
Pancreatic ascites in children is extremely rare, but is usually due to trauma. We report the case of a 15-year-old girl with massive pancreatic ascites due to a leaking chronic pseudocyst of unknown cause. It was treated by resection of the pseudocyst, distal pancreatectomy, and retrograde drainage of a dilated and tortuous residual ductal system by(More)
IMPORTANCE Primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma with aberrant expression of cluster of differentiation (CD) 20 is an exceedingly rare manifestation of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma that is easily misdiagnosed as B-cell lymphoma. The significance and prognostic implications of T-cell neoplasms demonstrating the classic CD20 B-cell marker have yet to be elucidated.(More)
To the Editor: Cutaneous involvement of multiple myeloma is an extremely rare manifestation, typically presenting as an extraosseous extension to the skin. Presentation of these cutaneous lesions occurs more often in late stage multiple myeloma with a high tumor burden. A single-center retrospective study reported a 2.3% incidence of extramedullary and(More)
Verrucous carcinoma is a rare skin malignancy of squamous cell origin. It is characterised by negligible cellular atypia and a low mitotic rate. These are reflected in slow locally invasive behaviour and very infrequent metastatic spread. The tumour is also recognised in oral and anogenital sites. Cutaneous lesions present most commonly on the sole of the(More)
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