Christopher Belshaw

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There are various methods of avoiding giving birth to a disabled child. Many have the result that people who would otherwise be born are not born. Gene therapy is among these methods. Yet it seems to have the advantage of neither ending, nor preventing from starting, certain possible lives. Rather it allows the continuation, with improvements, of a life(More)
What is harm? I offer an account that involves the victim's either suffering some adverse intrinsic change or being prevented from enjoying some beneficial intrinsic change. No one is harmed, I claim, in virtue of relational changes alone. Thus (excepting for contrived cases), there are neither posthumous harms nor, in life, harms of the undiscovered(More)
In Life's Dominion Dworkin argues that the debate about abortion is habitually misconstrued. Substantial areas of agreement are overlooked, while areas of disagreement are, mistakenly, seen as central. If we uncover a truer picture, then hope of a certain accord may no longer seem vain. I dispute many of these claims. Dworkin argues that both sides in the(More)
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