Christopher Batchelor–McAuley

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Recent progress in the theory and practice of voltammetry is surveyed and evaluated. The transformation over the last decade of the level of modelling and simulation of experiments has realised major advances such that electrochemical techniques can be fully developed and applied to real chemical problems of distinct complexity. This review focuses on the(More)
The oxidations of formate and methanol on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes decorated with palladium nanoparticles were studied at both the single-nanotube and ensemble levels. Significant voltammetric differences were seen. Pd oxide formation as a competitive reaction with formate or methanol oxidation is significantly inhibited at high overpotentials under(More)
Nanoimpacts of single palladium-coated carbon nano-tubes on a gold substrate are studied to elucidate the origins of the fluctuation in the current−time response of the hydrogen oxidation reaction mediated at its surface. The chronoamperometric and cyclic voltammetric responses from a single nanotube immobilized on the gold surface were compared to(More)
The antibacterial properties of silver are strongly controlled by the redox couple of silver/silver(I). This work reports the influence of phosphate anions on silver nanoparticle oxidation, which is important given the abundance of phosphate species in biological systems. The three different species of anions were found to have a varying degree of influence(More)
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