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This paper describes how Countryside Survey 2000 (CS2000) and earlier Countryside Surveys in 1990 and 1984, can be used to develop an integrated view of the changes in land cover, landscape and biodiversity that have taken place at the regional scale in Great Britain. A particular concern is to develop an understanding of how the national patterns of stock(More)
BACKGROUND The success of THA largely depends on correct placement of the individual components. Traditionally, these have been placed freehand using anatomic landmarks, but studies have shown poor accuracy with this method. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES Specifically, we asked (1) does using fluoroscopy lead to more accurate and greater likelihood of cup placement(More)
Countryside Survey 2000 (CS2000) is the latest in a series of surveys designed to measure and evaluate stock and change of land cover, landscape features, freshwaters, habitats and the vegetation of Great Britain. The ideas behind CS2000 developed during the 1960s and 1970s and culminated in the first survey of vegetation and land cover in 1978. One(More)
Field boundaries are man-made features found worldwide and their multiple functions in agricultural landscapes are now widely recognised. These landscape features have declined drastically in many developed countries as a result of agricultural intensification. In Great Britain, field boundaries are regarded as elements of particular significance in the(More)
Professionals working with people with dementia need to develop new activities that occupy patients and increase positive emotions. Dementia care mapping is a reliable method of measuring well-being during activities with people with dementia. The iPad has many applications that may be suitable as a group activity for persons with dementia. Six people with(More)
This study evaluates acetabular cup position in the setting of revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) with severe acetabular bone defects. With a definition of safe zone of abduction (30–50°) and anteversion (5–25°), acetabular cup position was measured by a digital image analysis program for 34 patients with Paprosky type III acetabular bone defects. There(More)
Acetabular cup positioning is a critical factor in determining adverse clinical outcomes in THA. This evaluation was performed to determine if morbid obesity (BMI ≥35kg/m(2)) is a contributing risk factor to cup malpositioning. Two groups of patients were obtained from a local arthroplasty registry and match-controlled for gender, age, and diagnosis (n=211(More)
Critical cellulase and hemicellulase activities are identified for hydrolysis of ionic liquid (IL) pretreated poplar and switchgrass; hemicellulase rich substrates with largely amorphous cellulose. Enzymes from Aspergillus nidulans were expressed and purified: an endoglucanase (EG) a cellobiohydrolase (CBH), an endoxylanase (EX) and an acetylxylan esterase(More)
BACKGROUND Fatigue in combination with gait and balance impairments can severely limit daily activities in people with multiple sclerosis (PWMS). Generalised fatigue has a major impact on walking ability, with moderately disabled PWMS experiencing difficulty in walking extended distances. Localised motor fatigue in the ankle dorsiflexors can lead to foot(More)