Christopher Baker

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Previous findings reveal that older adults favor positive over negative stimuli in both memory and attention (for a review, see Mather & Carstensen, 2005). This study used eye tracking to investigate the role of cognitive control in older adults' selective visual attention. Younger and older adults viewed emotional-neutral and emotional-emotional pairs of(More)
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this paper does not represent the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) or the Department of Defense. DARPA does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information in this paper. " Executive Summary The Urban Challenge represents a(More)
— Urban driving is a demanding task for autonomous vehicles as it requires the development and integration of several challenging capabilities, including high-level route planning, interaction with other vehicles, complex maneuvers, and ultra-reliability. In this paper, we present a reasoning framework for an autonomous vehicle navigating through urban(More)
The lexicon of 6-month-olds is comprised of names and body part words. Unlike names, body part words do not often occur in isolation in the input. This presents a puzzle: How have infants been able to pull out these words from the continuous stream of speech at such a young age? We hypothesize that caregivers' interactions directed at and on the infant's(More)
A proof-of-concept basic prediction framework able to read the PAN author profiling data and be adaptable to accept multiple classification and training functions. The framework was used to investigate system resource usage and to experiment with data sub-setting techniques to enable efficient creation of the base model and convergence of the training(More)
  • Amy Brooks, Harley, Christopher Erdman, Talya Baker, Kingston, Thomas Keith +19 others
  • 2016
DEDICATION To the other six, with love and gratitude. Special thanks to my committee: chair Harley Erdman, whose thoughtful advising and editing have never failed to sharpen my writing; Talya Kingston, whose knowledge of gender politics has informed this work from its inception; and to Christopher Baker, whose contributions to Williams dramaturgy always(More)
A central challenge in the study of protein evolution is the identification of historic amino acid sequence changes responsible for creating novel functions observed in present-day proteins. To address this problem, we developed a new method to identify and rank amino acid mutations in ancestral protein sequences according to their function-shifting(More)
Murmur Study is an art installation that examines the rise of micro-messaging technologies such as Twitter and Facebook's status updates. One might describe these messages as a type of digital small talk. But unlike face to face conversations, these fleeting thoughts are accumulated, archived and digitally indexed by corporations, governments and research(More)