Christopher Baker

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The lexicon of 6-month-olds is comprised of names and body part words. Unlike names, body part words do not often occur in isolation in the input. This presents a puzzle: How have infants been able to pull out these words from the continuous stream of speech at such a young age? We hypothesize that caregivers' interactions directed at and on the infant's(More)
Introduction Compressed Sensing (CS) image reconstruction requires the image of interest to be sparse or compressible under some transform and the encoding matrix to be incoherent with the sparsifying transform. With Fourier encoding in MRI, the level of sparsity and incoherence achieved by the transform affects the under-sampling that can be performed(More)
We analyze the magnitude of the radiation pressure and electrostrictive stresses exerted by light confined inside GaAs semiconductor WGM optomechanical disk resonators, through analytical and numerical means, and find the electrostrictive stress to be of prime importance. We investigate the geometric and photoelastic optomechanical coupling resulting(More)
Older adults represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, a trend that will have an unprecedented impact on society. High-speed Internet connectivity, often referred to as " broadband, " supports a growing array of applications and services with significant potential to help older adults live more independent and meaningful lives. In fact,(More)
Using an approach that has its origins in work of Halanay, we consider stability in mean square of numerical solutions obtained from the θ–Maruyama discretization of a test stochastic delay differential equation dX(t) = {f (t) − αX(t) + βX(t − τ)}dt + {g(t) + η X(t) + µX(t − τ)} dW (t), interpreted in the Itô sense, where W (t) denotes a Wiener process. We(More)
Photonic lattices of mutually interacting indistinguishable cavities represent a cornerstone of collective phenomena in optics and could become important in advanced sensing or communication devices. The disorder induced by fabrication technologies has so far hindered the development of such resonant cavity architectures, while post-fabrication tuning(More)
One mission for numerical analysts is to study (and where appropriate to devise and/or to implement) numerical procedures for the treatment of mathematical models of real phenomena. This requires an involvement in the science and mathematical analysis of the modelling process, and informed by numerical calculations and numerical analysis. The numerical(More)
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