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We present an approach for programming with graph transformation rules in which programs can be as efficient as programs in imperative languages. The basic idea is to equip rules and host graphs with distinguished nodes, so-called roots, and to match roots in rules with roots in host graphs. This enables graph transformation rules to be matched in constant(More)
Implementing a graph programming system is not a straightforward task. The challenge not only lies in converting a graphical graph-based program into low-level machine code, but the code must correctly perform the complex and non-deterministic operation of graph transformation through graph rewriting rules. GP is a high-level graph programming language.(More)
This project aims to solve the 17×17 4-colouring challenge first proposed by William Gasarch in late 2009. The challenge is to fill a 17×17 grid with four colours such that no rectangle within the grid has the same colour in all of its four corners. This is one of the few unsolved problems in grid-colouring, and it has been studied from several different(More)
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