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A high-frequency burst of pulses at the onset of a subtetanic train of stimulation allows skeletal muscle to hold force at a higher level than expected from the extra pulses alone because of the catchlike property of muscle. The present study tested the hypothesis that the presence and degree of force increase induced by a high-frequency burst are strongly(More)
Hospitalists are a critical link in providing evidence-based care for patients with sepsis across the disease spectrum, from early recognition to recovery. The past decade of sepsis research has led to significant findings that will change clinical practice for hospital medicine practitioners. Although the incidence of severe sepsis in the United States has(More)
A 30-year-old male with type 1 diabetes mellitus presented with diabetic ketoacidosis, acute kidney injury, and respiratory failure requiring emergent venous access and intubation. A left femoral triple lumen catheter (TLC) was inserted by an internal medicine resident with attending supervision. There were no reported complications. Fourteen days later,(More)
n engl j med 370;9 february 27, 2014 e14 A 41-year-old man with a smoking history of 30 pack-years presented with chronic chest pain, dyspnea, and cough. His vital signs were normal, and laboratory studies were unremarkable, including his level of α1-antitrypsin, which was normal. Physical examination revealed cachexia, with decreased apical breath(More)
By her own admission, Sophie was an anxious person. For many years, she required intermittent benzodiazepines to control her symptoms. She had a soft but clearly audible stridor on the inspiration of every breath, which became more pronounced when her anxiety increased. This was balanced with a disarming smile and endearing formality; in spite of my(More)
Alice was in her 80s and appeared the quintessential grandmother: she had short, neatly-cropped gray hair and a pleasantly round face that gave her the appearance of being incapable of malediction. Her shoes were arranged neatly on the floor next to her bed; they were unmistakably non-athletic, beige “grandma shoes” with thick soles and Velcro. Her husband(More)