Christopher B. Riley

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Specific estimates of the risk of horse-related injury (HRI) to university students enrolled in veterinary and animal sciences have not been reported. This study aimed to determine the risk of student HRI during their university education, the nature and management of such injuries. A retrospective questionnaire solicited demographic information, data on(More)
A fusion defect of the proximal and middle phalanges of both hindlimbs, osteochondrosis dissecans of the distal interphalangeal joints of the forelimbs, and subluxation of all 4 distal interphalangeal joints occurred in a Standardbred filly. Lameness was the first abnormality noted and was observed at one week of age in the left forelimb and progressed(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the likelihood of successful arthrocentesis of the equine elbow joint using the caudolateral approach and to determine if the deep branch of the radial nerve (DBRN) varies in its proximity to the site of centesis. Methylene blue (MB) was injected into 71 elbow joint specimens immediately caudal to the lateral(More)
With the introduction and establishment of exotic species, most ecosystems now contain both native and exotic plants and herbivores. Recent research identifies several factors that govern how specialist herbivores switch host plants upon introduction. Predicting the feeding ecology and impacts of introduced generalist species, however, remains difficult.(More)
Equine transportation research has largely focused on the commercial land movement of horses. Data on the incidence and factors associated with horse injuries during non-commercial transportation (privately owned horse trucks and trailers) is scant. This study surveyed 223 drivers transporting horses to 12 equestrian events in southeastern Australia. Data(More)
BACKGROUND Following the recent development of a new approach to quantitative analysis of IgG concentrations in bovine serum using transmission infrared spectroscopy, the potential to measure IgG levels using technology and a device better designed for field use was investigated. A method using attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR) spectroscopy in(More)
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