Christopher B. Browne

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Total knee arthroplasty implant designs with larger extensor moment arms theoretically should generate lower extensor forces for the same externally applied loads. This study measured knee kinematics, quadriceps forces, and patellofemoral forces under conditions of dynamic knee extension under load in two knee designs with differing quadriceps moment arms.(More)
We study semi-infinite and bi-infinite scalar feed-forward networks. We find that the temporal dynamics of these systems is closely linked to the spatial dynamics of an associated interval map and show how this interval map may be used to describe stationary interfaces. Beyond stationary structures, we show that the onset of instabilities in finite networks(More)
This paper examines a weightless neural network traind to perform a probabilistic, iconic prediction task. The paper discusses both the network architecture and training scheme used. The iconic prediction task is examined both with and without a controlling input. Finally some speculative parallels are drawn between the system behaviour and prediction in(More)
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