Christopher Aspaas

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The purposes of this study were (1) to acoustically compare three contrasting choral formations (block sectional, mixed, and sectional in columns) in performance of two contrasting pieces of choral literature (homophonic and polyphonic) by a university graduate choir (N=30), and (2) to compare singers' perceptions of and preferences for the contrasting(More)
Acoustic differences were evaluated among three choral arrangements and two choral textures recorded at three microphone locations. A choir was recorded when singing two musical selections of different choral texture, one homophonic and one polyphonic. Both musical selections were sung in three choral arrangements: block sectional, sectional-in-columns, and(More)
These studies represent a cross-section of topics and methodologies in choral-related research. This listing is by no means exhaustive. Nor does the inclusion of a study necessarily entail any endorsement of its merit. All studies included here, however, can serve as a departure point and discussion-generator for consideration of the various ingredients of(More)
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