Christopher Aruffo

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WHENA MUSICAL TONE IS SOUNDED, MOST LISTENERS are unable to identify its pitch by name. Those listeners who can identify pitches are said to have absolute pitch perception (AP). A limited subset of musicians possesses AP, and it has been debated whether musicians’ AP interferes with their ability to perceive tonal relationships between pitches, or relative(More)
We are constantly exposed to our own face and voice, and we identify our own faces and voices as familiar. However, the influence of self-identity upon self-speech perception is still uncertain. Speech perception is a synthesis of both auditory and visual inputs; although we hear our own voice when we speak, we rarely see the dynamic movements of our own(More)
This experiment used the McGurk effect to test the influence of identity on audiovisual speech. Participants recorded disyllables which were used to create McGurk stimuli. These stimuli were further manipulated so that the facial and vocal identities in each were either from the same speaker (matched) or from two different speakers (mismatched). When(More)
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